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1 APR 2021

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Founder Biography

Brian Paragamian, our Senior Trader, will present the live webcasts:

Age: 58

Graduated from UW Parkside with a Finance Degree in 1989
College Highlights:
AT&T Collegiate Investment Challenge, Ranked 6th out of 11,252
National Stock Investment Challenge, Ranked 9th out of 6,102

Professional trader/day trader for 40 years
Independent stock broker for 15 years

Trading style: technical analysis as well being a strategist; have developed own proprietary ideas for trading over 40 years

Brian was a stock broker for 15 years and has been trading stocks for the last 40 years. Over the years, Brian has developed his own proprietary way of trading using many of the basic technical tools along with some of his own proprietary ones. Some of the technical indicators he uses are the following: RSI, Stochastics, OBV (On-Balance-Volume), various volume patterns, positive and negative divergences, Fibonacci Retracements as well as his own proprietary tools.

Brian is not only a technician but a strategist as well. He never puts on a day or swing trade unless he has a 2:1 risk/reward ratio, something any good trader should adhere to. Brian prides himself on his trade management skills and his risk/reward ratios when putting trades on. When trading, Brian also takes into consideration economic data, earnings reports, SPX support and resistance levels as well as the overall market conditions. Simply put, he puts as much in his favor as possible before putting on his day or swing trades.

Brian has a tremendous feel for the stock market.

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