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28 DEC 2018
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Brian's views and opinions on the economy and stock market are well respected;
he is now contributing editorials to, a highly respected financial site.

Brian Paragamian
Senior Trader & Co-Founder
35 Years of Trading Experience -  Senior Trader
Racine WI USA
Contact Info
(262) 939-3563
BrianP @

Graduated from UW Parkside with a Finance Degree in 1989 College Highlights: AT&T Collegiate Investment Challenge, Ranked 6th out of 11,252; National Stock Investment Challenge, Ranked 9th out of 6,102; Professional trader/day trader for 35 years; Independent stock broker for 15 years; Trading style: technical analysis as well being a strategist; have developed own proprietary ideas for trading over 35 years.

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