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1 APR 2021

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Brian's Corner

Why I'm Successful

I'm successful for a number of reasons, but, most importantly, I have 40 years of experience (15 of which I was a stock broker). Not everyone can beat Wall Street. In fact, the majority of traders do not. In this day and age, Wall Street is like a casino that is rigged and without having the knowledge of how the game is played, it is nearly impossible for the average person to make money whether they are a day trader, swing trader or investor.

My success hinges not only on my experience, but on my ability to apply technical analysis the proper way and manage the trades in an effective manner. I have developed some of my own proprietary ways of trading along with using basic technical tools. Some of the indicators I use are RSI (Relative Strength Index), Stochastics, OBV(On-Balance Volume), various volume patterns, positive and negative divergences, Fibonacci Retracements and my secret weapon, the 10-minute game; a proprietary technique.

Not only am I a technician, but I'm a strategist as well. I know how to leverage myself the proper way while limiting risk and maximizing gains. Whenever I execute a trade (whether a day trade or swing trade) I always make sure I have a minimum of a 2:1 risk vs. reward ratio.

Another critical factor in being successful is having patience, discipline and a great feel for the market by understanding the importance of economic data reports, news flow and being aware of world geopolitics and their ramifications on the stock market.

My success also lies in the fact that I understand the inter-relationships between gold, oil, bonds, the US Dollar, the S&P futures and the equity markets along with understanding investor and trader psychology. Do I make money all the time? No, but I am extremely confident that I will far outperform the averages in the long-term.

Come join our winning team and take back control of your financial future.

Brian Paragamian
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