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"I have been a member for just 3 months and love everything about this group. They are as honest as they come. Brian's 30+ years of experience sure show thru in his market strategy style and his ability reading the charts (technical analysis). Not only does PSTL provide trading ideas but has a great nightly video recap. Once you take their trial you will hooked as I am. One of the best investments I have ever made. A definite lifer! Keep up the awesome work!"
Dennis A
CA,United States

"Hi After truck driving for many years i thought i would like to learn about daytrading. I have traded some stocks in the past but that was 10 years ago. I want to learn more about futures trading and am currently using a simulator. Have been with this company for a few months now and enjoy their service. I highly recommend this group."
Dennis D
WI,United States

"I joined PSTL in 2010 and have never looked back. This is by far, the most dynamic stock trading service in the country. In a live format on your computer, I am able to trade along with Brian and make a lot of money. Brian has a firm grasp of the stock market and has taught me how to profit and at the same time, limiting my risk. He has changed my family and my life for the better as I now can afford to live a lifestyle I never would have if I had not been a member. Brian, Thank You for providing this service as I will always be grateful to you."
Alex Bromberg
GA,United States

"Been with Brian for over 3 years. He is one of the best technical traders I have seen in my over 25 years of trading. He is very passionate about what he does and does not get caught up in the Wall Street hype. He just goes about the business of trading correctly. You will be miles ahead of the pack listening to his advice."
Bob A.
WA,United States

"I have been following Brian for the past 4 years since the establishment of PSTL and have learnt a great deal from him on daily basis. It is very educational site and we also make money consistently on swing and day-trade. Thank you. Effendi Wijaya Singapore 26 March 2013"

"I have been making consistent money by following Brian's trades. It is a great experience to be in his group. I have my own charting software but no software can work better than Brian's brain. I did not receive any money or any consideration to write this testimonial and I am writing this based on my personal experience."
Sat Mehta

"This is by far the most transparent site I have ever seen on the internet doing day and swing trading. Simply put, Brian is great at what he does and his posted results speak for themself. To get this kind of stock trading service with the results he gets is a steal at the $499 a year rate. Honestly, I would pay $1,500 a year and still feel like I was getting a deal with the kind of results and teaching he does. Keep up the awesome work. I'M A LIFETIME MEMBER!"
Perry P.
WI,United States

"I have been a member of the past 3 years, During this time, I have learned more about how to day trade and swing trade stocks properly than in my entire 12 years trading on my own. Brian Paragamian has over 27 years experience as a professional stock trader. He trades technical pattern setups based on risk vs. reward ratios. He knows what works and what does not. He is patient and honest.

Each day you have the opportunity to watch his live webcasts, ask questions in a real-time setting, learn and profit. By following along each trade that Brian actually "calls out" during the day's broadcast, I can truly say that my return on investment has been outstanding. In fact, at the end of each trading day, he posts the results of those day trades on the home page of his website - win or lose (and, yes, there are some losing days). Also, as part of the service, every time Brian puts on a swing trade, an email alert is immediately sent out to every member notifying us of that particular stock, the price at which it is trading, the objective and the stop Brian is using. I am not always at my desk, so I love this benefit.

Brian even does a short nightly video commentary recapping the overall market, the day's trades, swing trade positions that he is currently in, which stocks might look intriguing for tomorrow and, most importantly, why he likes what he is looking at from a technical perspective. This nightly video commentary is a "must-watch" for any trader who wants to learn and be ahead of the game for the next trading day. It is worth it's weight in gold. I could go on and on talking about the many other advantages that I have found, but suffice it to say - I don't know of anything out there like this, that offers so much value for the price, and I will continue to be a member of for as long as it is available. I hope that will be a very long time."

Glenn S
GA,United States

"Brian (trader) and Perry (customer service) of Professional Stock Trader Live offer the best stock market educational service I have ever seen. Here are the reasons why I, along with many other independent traders and financial professionals, have been subscribing to PSTL with confidence: Transparency-- See what's on Brian's screen and hear his thoughts. 27 years of experience-- See why he is making the trade. Get the REAL truth about the economy. Trader interaction-- Ready to answer any and all questions. Learn the psychology, patience and discipline. "Hands-on" education in technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Make money-- It's up to you if you want "follow" his trades! Very reliable customer service! Only $49.99 per month? I've paid much more for similar services elsewhere! These are genuine guys looking to educate and help fellow traders to success. THANK YOU SO MUCH,PSTL!"
Noelle G.
CA,United States

"As a new member to this site and new to trading as a whole, I can only say that Brian gives direction and guidance that is hard to find anywhere else. Even if you ignore the AMAZING fact that he makes money on a consistent basis, simply the education alone is worth the cost. The cost of membership is a fraction compared to other services. I tried the 7 day free trial and made money for free, so you really have nothing to lose."
Tek Turbiasz
NY,United States

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