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"I somtimes get confused with some PSTL member's in the group. I don't think some appreciate what they have here. I have been with several other day trading services in the past; none did any teaching or cared if members chased stocks. I paid over 10 times what I'm paying here monthly. Why wouldn't you follow the professional? If not then why be here? Just my observation from a newbie to the service but not new to trading. I have to relearn from what I was doing in the past but I'm working through it. Change of habits are hard to do but the consistancy here is helping me make beter decisions. Thanks PSTL!"
MI,United States

"Im a new member and I am very impressed with the over all service, presentation and layout of the Brian's approach. I love the fact that he focuses on QUALITY not QUANTITY, not a let's make a bunch of trades and see what sticks approach. He studies and based on his methodology makes a decision on what action to take. I can tell from first hand experience, it's pretty right on the money. I personally like the fact that I am learning. He conveys the why and when on when he is pulling the trigger on a trade and makes me understand the reasoning behind it. I subscribed to the service to daytrade and learn how to daytrade and I am more than satisfied with what I am getting out of it. Brian, do not change the methodoly of your service, or approach, it just works. A new long term loyal subscriber! Alex"
Alex Rodriguez
FL,United States

"By far the best $50 dollars I've invested in the stock markets, or learning about the stock market was on PSTL. I do know Technical Analysis, but find PSTL helps me refine my knowledge, and helps me brush up on it. Whether you are totally new and learning, or like me a bit more advanced, but wanted to see how a successful trader applied TA, or even if you're a successful trader and simply want trading ideas, I'd highly recommend PSTL. Brian is very straightforward and honest, and you see absolutely every trade and setup he does. Not every trade is a winner, but with his tenacity almost every day is a winner. I don't keep stats, but I'd speculate over 95% of his days are winners."
John B.

"Brian Paragamian is a diamond in the rough. If your goal is to be a successful day trader or investor in the stock market, you are in luck. At PSTL, you can watch real-time trades of this extremely skilled technical analyst and day trader. Throughout the process he is explaining his thinking and executing trades. He may pick a loser but at the end of the day, he is almost always profitable. He does this by limiting his losses with the effective use of "stops" and optimally manages his winners. He's a student of statistical odds and a technician. The member who wants to learn this skill can follow Brian's trades and gradually learn to be a successful trader. I sense in Brian, a guy who sees the activity of trading almost like a game and he is intensely competitive. He doesn't like to lose and that's good for you, when you are following his trades. Trading can be exhausting and at times emotionally draining. At the end of the day, the bottom line is, Brian consistently makes money. So can you!"
Steve McLaughlin
CA,United States

"I made $1000 in my first week! Thank you!"
Michael N
NY,United States

"I have been a member for 3 months and have learned more about day trading than my 30 years of losing money. I have averaged over $200/day profits following Brian's trades and am very satisfied with his service."
David Anderson
CA,United States

"I used PSTL's 1 week free trail, and will now be a subscriber! All I can say is Brian is amazing!"
Don S
IL,United States

"Been following Brian now for just under two years and I thought I always knew better. Had my own way of trading and never really making money, just going through the actions. Brian is a fast trader and a good trader. Yes, I miss some of the trades and sometimes even loose on some that he is buying but one thing about Brian, he is truthful and always is looking out for his members. As I have followed Brian, I have seen him consistently make profits. Everyday isn't a winner but Brian has always shown to make consistent profits and is a great facilitator and worth every penny. I would also recommend a 1-on-1 that he provides especially if you’re a new trader. Good luck and as Brian mentions, PLEASE USE STOPS! Anthony K. (Vancouver BC)"
Anthony K.

"Brain and the PSTL team has a great service going here that is very beneficial in several ways. First you can trade with Brain in a real time setting and take advantage of the trading skills of a expert who was a successful broker for 15 years and day trader for over 25 years. That experience has retuned very positive results in his trades that is posted daily for you to see. He has a very high percentage of winning trades that adds up to money being made. You can see and hear Brain's trading platform in this unique and close up, hands on forum as he trades, and explaines exactly what he is doing. Secondly Brain and the PSTL team educates you to become a successful and better day trader. The on line courses that PSTL offer are invaluable and covers many of the essentials in day trading. I have been a member of PSTL service for over a year and I am a still benefitting and learning every day. Brain is also available on a one on one basics if you need personal consulting. Brain and PSTL is for real."
CA,United States

"Join this club and profit in any market condition. There is much to learn from Brian."
roger s
WI,United States

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