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"I have been a member of several stock trading services. This is the best I have seen. Thanks to Brian, I am now consistently banking profits because he has taught me technical analysis as well learning the value of having patience and discipline. The technology is second to none and the web casts take place in "real time" which has insured my success."
Alex B.
GA,United States

"I have been so excited following Brian. I have learned a few key things such as patience and dont be a pig. Now I keep those two thoughts in front of me all day long and they have saved me lots of money and from many losses. I have discovered how to spot breakouts and breakdowns. Your service has been a blessing to me and I love it. I love the education and direction I am getting. Thank you."
Pete Garner
TX,United States

"It's really been a pleasure working with Brian as my stock broker for many years. Everything I know about stock trading and the markets I have learned from him. Brian is very knowledgeable and takes his trading and investing seriously. I am looking forward to all his website has to offer. Thank you Brian for your help over the years."
Christine P.
MD,United States

"For the last 12 years Brian has been my broker and has done a fantastic job. He has opened my eyes to being able to make money in up or down markets, something I did not know I could do. During those 12 years Brian has taught me how to become a smarter investor. Brian has a real knack for the stock market. I look forward to watching and learning from him daily. Thanks for being there."
WI,United States

"I am a broker with a large national firm and use Brian's program for idea's for both my self and my clients. Brian's 25 plus years experience allows me to benefit from his knowledge of trading, and allows me not to make the same mistakes he made early on. In the short time that I have joined Brian's program, I have been very successful in both day and swing trades. The best part is that he is there all day to answer all your questions if you should have any. My clients have benefited a great deal from this program and I wish Brian and his team nothing but the best for 2009. Great job, keep up "
NY,United States

"Brian has been my broker for over 15 years. He has a unique understanding of the market and how it operates. I have full confidence in him and his ability to make the right decisions. He has taught me how the market and day trading operates and because of that I am a better trader. I firmly believe his new site will be beneficial to everyone. I definitely will subscribe to it."
Perry P.
WI,United States

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