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"I am retired and have managed my IRA for the past 3 years. I have used other services to assist me; some good, but most are disappointing or down right bad. Brian Paragamian's, "Professional StockTrader Live," is an absolute gem. You get so much for so little. I am making money and learning at the same time. I made the cost of the service for one year in my first week. That's hard to beat."
Jim G
CA,United States

"PSTL educates novice investors like myself to become consistent in trading by using proper technical setups, discipline and STOPS with proper risk-reward considerations. PSTL does not promise Christmas everyday; sometimes we have losing trade but no trades will ever destroy our account since we use proper stops and leverage ourselves properly. In the long term we win in our day and swing trades as well as investments because we trade and invest with the proper disciplines, all THANKS TO BRIAN."
Wijaya Effendi

"Brian trades technical pattern setups based on risk/reward ratios, period. He knows what works more times than not and he patiently waits for that moment. In other words he is strict with a plan and calm with discipline. This trading style is not new, but it’s not something that is easily learned from a few classes or book. In other words, PSTL provides the ability to literally watch and learn, day after day, with a pro working a proven system. The repetitive nature of this “hands” on teaching technique is the beauty and the often missed component of other trading education methods. Breaking bad trading habits is difficult, takes time and is up to each trader, but if you follow what these guys do, your profits and confidence will grow."
Doug Veit
VA,United States

"Since joining PSTL/Brian's trading service, I have turned $33,000 into $45,000 ($12,000 profit) in the past two months trading part time. If you don't have the time to devote to watching the market throughout the day you can use his Swing Trades with fool proof alerts and make a nice profit over a few days or weeks. I have started participating in his daily live webcasts, trading over his shoulder and learning how to analyze the charts and buy stocks correctly. This is like getting a PhD in stock trading for “FREE” because you make money while doing it."
Jim Marks
CO,United States

"This great service offers good day, swing and investment trades with education on the correct trading methods. Using this service correctly provides members with a continuous income stream while learning the right way to trade the markets. I have been member since April 2009 and have experienced outstanding results. No other service offers personal attention available here, as well as ease of access."
Scott Barry
IN,United States

"Since becoming a member of PSTL, in less than a year I have posted a gain of $28,322 on a $25,000 day trading account. The three classes Brian & PSTL offer: Technical Analysis, Stock Options and The Psychology of Day Trading, have helped me beyond my expectations. The previously mentioned, along with trading the majority of Brian's trades, have been well worth the time and effort. Looking forward to a profitable 2010. Best, Larry E."
Larry E
OK,United States

"I was completely new to day trading when I joined PSTL. I have received an excellent education and after only 19 active days of trading I have a total profit of $6,221.04. Brian is a phenominal trader and teacher, see for yourself!"
Grace D
NA,Great Britain

"Over the years, I have used various trading sites varying widely in cost. My success with these have been less than stellar. A fellow trader recommended PSTL. I opted for a trial membership to see their trade success rate and how they managed their trades. I have found that even in this tough trading environment, my trading success has improved significantly following senior trader Brian Paragamian. One of the features found on their site is a nightly wrap up/review of the day’s market events and discussions of potential trades for the following day. Taken into account in these reviews are as many of the market variables as possible. As for the daily trades called by Brian, you will find his trades to be generally, conservative in nature, always based on sound technical setups, and he has excellent trade management skills. Lastly, and for me, most important, is the fact that Brian takes the time to explain his rationale for entering a trade based on chart analysis and setups. Other sites just enter a trade. Brian tells you why you are entering a trade and time permitting, reviews them on both short and long term charts. Like many, I have made almost every mistake possible in my trading career. PSTL and Brian have increased my profitability and most importantly, is teaching me and fellow members how to effectively trade and how to avoid pitfalls. I have found PSTL to be one of the best trading sites available and at an unbeatable price. I would highly recommend PSTL to anyone who wishes to increase their success rate and learn from Brian's many years of trading experience."
Alan A
PA,United States

"I am so glad I didn’t give up on my dream of being a full time trader. I’ve blown my account two times trading with other more expensive services. Brian teaches patience and discipline, something I was lacking and not being taught by these other services. I have been with PSTL for a short duration and I am consistently profitable for the first time ever. I am more excited than ever for the future. I received a year subscription to PSTL for Christmas and have more than paid for it today with one trade. If you’re looking to learn and make money you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for action and fast money, you can go blow up your account with those other guys."
Logan Sunday
UT,United States

"Since I joined PSTL about ten months ago, I have made a profit of $26,903. I started my account with $25,000 and now have $51,903. Thanks for all your help, expertise and for offering a great service. I can truly say that my return on investment has been outstanding, I will continue to be a member as long as you offer this wonderful service."
Glenn M.
GA,United States

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