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"Join this club and enjoy the ride up into any market. There is much to learn and profit from."
roger s
WI,United States

"I have been a member of PSTL for a number of months. I have followed a number of online trading sights for years. I have found this site to be the easiest to use and most profitable of any one that I have traded on. Brian's analysis and trading experience have been an extremely valuable asset in my daily trading. I am a former member of the NYSE and have recommended PSTL to a number of my friends who are currently using this site and are quite satisfied with the results."
irwin b
NY,United States

"What can I say other than amazing! I have traded for years and have learned some costly lessons. Sure you may make money from time to time but if you are like me it is not consistent. Brian puts it all in order. He shows you how to trade a setup, how to get in and more importantly how to exit. There is no substitute for actually trading the market correctly along beside him, you will see the market in a whole new way. The best part is you can make money along beside him while you are learning. This is your chance to learn in weeks or months what many traders spend years learning, and some never do. Do not take my word for it, just take the free trial and thank me later. Trading should be enjoyable not stressful and with a teacher like Brian it is. For the first time in all the years I have been trading, I am finally gaining the confidence I need to succeed as a trader. Good luck to you."
Ron R.
KY,United States

"I have been a member of PSTL for close to a year now and actively trading for 3 years. I started following (not actively trading) Brian while I was working in Iraq, mainly for something to do during my off time. After a couple weeks watching I knew he was on to something with his system of trading. Due to poor internet conection where I was working I was forced to wait until I returned home to actively trade. After 2 months of actively trading with Brian I'm convinced his approach to trading is safest and least stressful way to trade. Profits are more consistant due to the risk/reward ratio each trade is entered in at and losses are kept at a minimum due to actively using stops. I would highly recommend to see for yourself by following along during his live webcast."
GA,United States

"I have been trading stocks and options for many years with mixed results at best. I recently joined PSTL and now see real results on a very consistent basis with the edge you provide. Today I was able to make a profit of $1,230 strictly following Brian's recommendations on AMZN and DDM. I also must say I now sleep much better at night knowing I have more control over my financial future. Thanks and keep up the good work, Brian, and I can hardly wait for the next trading day."
Rick R
TX,United States

"This marks the 15th trading day in a row without a loss. All executed playing small, just playing and following along with Brian's trades with $25,000K (day trading minimum) this week alone you would have made over $2926! Phenomenal trader, wonderful methodology - these guys know how to take it to Wall Street and win - Big time!! During the broadcast one of the other members said that the only way that he would let go of his PSTL membership is if someone wrenched it from his cold dead hands! I agree totally. What amazing value. Phenomenal teaching. Wonderful methodology. Don’t hesitate; join while the door is still open!"
Grace From London, UK
MA,United States

"I have been a member of PSTL for approximately 5 months. In that time, I have been thoroughly impressed with Brian, and the team at PSTL. I had been trading with good success in the past; however, I have taken my skills to the next level, thanks to Brian. His teachings in the mornings, as well as his special training sessions are invaluable to anyone who is interested in learning the stock market game and winning at it. Take back your money and learn how to do it yourself with Brian’s teachings and by following his winning trades. His service is excellent value for the money!"
Kurt J

"I have been trading in the market for almost 6 years, I have a degree in Investment Management from the University of Texas and I have learned more about actually MAKING money in the market from Brian and PSTL in the last 8 months than all my previous experience and education combined!"
Stephen S
TX,United States

"Since joining PST almost a year ago, I have been able to see on a day to day basis a technical stock trader teach his group a great day and swing trading system. Each day he reviews and enforces the value of how technical analysis consistently results in profits. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to become a better trader. Ed Driscoll"
Ed Driscoll
NJ,United States

"Who said making money isn’t that easy? Well, it is surly easy if you follow Brian's trades. I want to be honest, you won’t make thousands of $ over a night but if you learn from Brian and follow his suggestions then you won’t go wrong! I have been trading for the last 10 years and for the last 3 years as an active day trader. All I know is if I can learn and follow how Brian trades; I can surly recover the 100's of thousands dollars I lost during the past 2 years. I am sure I can get that back from the Wall-Street Bastards! For such a low monthly cost of the PSTL service, you should have no reason for not making money. I really think Brian is one of the very few traders who wishes to share wealth. In this era, you won’t find trader like him. Even, if you are not a trader yet, you should become one. Protect your future! Don’t just take my word take their free trial. Give yourself a lottery ticket for a better future and sign up today. God bless Brian and God Bless America Nas A."
VA,United States

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